Walz Scale: A Pioneer in Advancing Payload Management Systems

Walz Scale has developed an incredible reputation in the field of weighing systems, providing effective solutions for efficient payload management and calibration services to a myriad of companies. A global supplier in many industries from mining to agriculture, chemical, waste management and more, Walz Scale’s industry recognition is backed by a solid foundation of delivering innovative products to satisfied customers for over fifty years. walz scale

Included in the Walz Scale product line are an extensive range of truck scales and heavy duty weighing systems, developed to take the pain out of accurate payload management. Weighing systems include portable truck scales, on-board weigh scale systems, calibration and so much more. These weighing and calibration solutions have been developed to accommodate many different eventualities and are therefore available as rental or tailor-made packages, dependent on unique customer requirements.

Introducing The Weighing Industry’s Most Innovative System

With an innovative team of designers, Walz Scale has become a forerunner in the weighing industry. Currently, the most advanced weighing system has been developed in the form of the load scanner. To give you an idea of just how revolutionary this product is, the Walz Load Scanner (WLS) or “Volumetric Payload Scanner”, has been designed to accurately measure open top material truck loads. The driver simply drives under the head of the scanner and in that short space of time the scanner delivers an accurate payload reading. This rapid innovative scanning technology is a welcome alternative to the slower, more traditional weighing methods.

The load scanner technology used in the WLS is practically futuristic making use of laser technology and patented algorithms that allow for a hands-off weighing method. Starting with an empty truckload as a basis, the scanner will then compare this to the loaded vehicle that has been fitted with a RFID tag for automatic measuring purposes. The innovation doesn’t stop at the load volume scanner unit. The WLS is designed to collect and manage real time production data through an easy to use software interface.

Inventories for tracking purposes allow for determining variables such as truck bed load distribution that can affect payload and performance. Several tools are available for interfacing to manage your loads from the office, the truck or in the field. This technology has considered just about everything as it also comes with printable load tickets, distributable via e-mail, that incorporates factual data and 3D images. Portable Truck Scales

Taking Truck Scale Technology to the Next Level

The Walz axle scales are available for many portable weighing scenarios. These are in-motion axle scales that meet NTEP-approved and “legal-for-trade” requirements. The new in-motion axle scales are heavy-duty steel scales that are super-lightweight, portable, easy to use – they are practical solutions for all payload management needs. These heavy duty truck axle scales include external components such as portable driver kiosk systems, receipt and ticket printers and other value-adds.

These in-motion axle scales are on par with the Walz Load Scanner when it comes to weigh-in-motion truck scale functionality. They can actually measure loads while in motion, measure each axle weight individually and account for total vehicle weight. Equally innovative as the WLS, but designed to accommodate a different need. The Walz name is synonymous with not only evolution in the weighing and calibration industry but revolutionary innovation that we look forward to seeing more of in the future.

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