3 Powerful Link Acquisition Strategies for Plastic Surgeon SEO

Beyond just plastic surgeon SEO, link acquisition is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Earning quality links serves SEO in two ways: getting more authority to your domain so that search engines position your site higher in the rankings and increasing referral traffic, which also improves a website’s position in the search rankings. Plastic Surgeon SEO Links

The benefits of getting more inbound links might seem attractive, but the fact is that professionals in just about every industry struggle to capture them – getting backlinks to a website can be a real challenge. Those in the medical profession often have it the hardest because time is such a valuable commodity for them. So what are some of the most effective link acquisition strategies for plastic surgeon SEO?

1. Showcase Your Expertise Through Content

Contributing to research publications does far more for plastic surgeons than boost their renown; it can bring them the backlinks needed to enhance their website SEO. Submitting educational publications to journals and other surgery-related articles is not the only effective method of content distribution for surgical professionals; other approaches include:

  • Producing informative videos
  • Publishing whitepapers and other PDF content
  • Submitting slideshow presentations to SlideShare
  • Posting in-depth posts to your own website’s blog

The idea is to fill as much of the web as you can with content so valuable that people want to use as a reference. Those citations translate to great links for your site. Internet marketing companies that specialize in plastic surgeon SEO offer services in this area. For instance, reputable plastic surgeon SEO company, OptimizedSurgeons.com, provides content marketing solutions for SEO clients.

2. Invest in Affiliations & Memberships

Joining one of the many industry associations is one of most classic yet effective link acquisition strategies for plastic surgeon SEO. Many of these groups have profile pages for their members, and a backlink can be listed on your membership profile page, or they have lists of affiliates wherein each listing links directly to the affiliate’s site. In addition, being found in one of these databases or directories increases the chances of a third-party finding your listing and creating a link to your website.

3. Connect With Your Peers

Link acquisition has become one of key benefits of networking in this digital age. Many professionals earn backlinks from their peers simply by asking or guest blogging. There may be someone already in your professional network who is willing to enter into a link exchange agreement with you – it benefits both parties and can do wonders for your plastic surgeon SEO strategy.

For plastic surgeons, link acquisition may take a bit of time and effort but it can be done – and, considering the potential return you get for your investment of time, it is a worthwhile pursuit that pays off well. Use one or more of these three link building strategies to achieve the results that you seek.

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