An Inside Look at Practice Management FQHC Billing Services

FQHC Medical Billing ServicesPractice Management is one of the leading medical billing service providers with many years of experience and high reputation for specialized FQHC billing solutions. With a focus in providing high-return FQHC billing services, Practice Management employs highly-qualified professionals that ensure that FQHC’s medical billing systems are performing in a way that help minimize overhead expenses while maximizing revenue.

With Practice Management, you are sure of professionals billing services that work to give the most advantageous and streamlined patient billing experience. Practice Management has earned a lot of reputation from their clients and client’s recommendation has always remains to be leading marketing strategy of the service provider.

Comprehensive FQHC Billing Services

With the experienced, professional staffs, Practice Management can provide all sort of FQHC billing services such as physician billing and coding, Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial Insurance for medical, dental claims and behavioral health care. They also include bilingual customer service staffs that are available at the convenient of the clients.FQHC medical billing

In addition to providing FQHC billing services for Federally Qualified Health Centers, Practice Management also specializes in Community Health Center (CHC) billing and FQHC look-alike billing services. They have been in business for several decades, have trained their staffs to handle with any emerging issues related to FQHC billing services and can work with ERM Practice management system, which include NextGen, GE Centricity, ClinicalWorks, Allscripts among others. You can learn more about Practice Managements FQHC billing services as, or read more below for a brief overview.

Advantages of Practice Management’s FQHC Billing Services

FQHC billing systems are some of the most challenging and complex areas of medical billing among health care providers. By optimizing an FQHC’s billing system, it’s likely to result in many advantages, some of which result in greater income, reduce overhead cost, better cash flow, and better service to clients.

Custom Reporting Solutions

Practice Management provides FQHC billing services that includes customized reporting functionalities for all the clients using health center billing services. Upon the implementation, Management Practice works the client to craps all reporting and other requirements and design the best FQHC billing program that fits the client’s needs. The outcome of the design is a personalized FQHC billing system that meets client’s requirements and experience.

FQHC Billing Consultations

Practice Management provides medical billing consultation to both providers and administrative staffs of other billing service providers. Typical topics of consultations range from software coding and software implementation, to front office and financial policies procedure. Consultations on revenue cycle management services that include software file maintenance, setup configuration and analysis of accounts receivable to actual accounts receivable recovery services are also available.

FQHC billing system complies with all local and international medical billing regulations and has always promise its commitment in continuously adherence to the law. This ensures that when you are working with FQHC billing system you are fully ethically and legally in compliance with all local and international.

The company’s FQHC billing software is also compatible with most other software and can be integrated without any problem. Practice management personnel, normally access and maintain the software remotely without the need of coming to your office. In case of any problem with the FQHC billing system, you can easily call them and within some few minutes, they will log in to your system and solve the problem.

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