What to Do When You Get a Computer Virus?

pc computer virusOn the Internet today, there are many dangers lurking and whenever you spend time surfing the Internet, no matter how infrequently, you are putting your computer at risk, so you need to know the signs of invasion and have a good computer virus removal tool at your disposal.

The web pages you visit might contain malicious code that when activated can infect your machine, thus plaguing your with a virus. Before learning the steps to virus removal, first let us look at some of the signs of invasion…

Early Warning Signs of Computer Virus

The behavior of your antivirus software might be the first sign of a virus infection; some viruses are designed to attack and disable the antivirus software. Then you might find a variety of behaviors occurring for instance some of your other programs might become unstable.

Here are some of the warning signs to watch out for:

  • Your computer might start locking up regularly or begin to run slowly.
  • You might find that the computer reboots itself for no obvious reason, and then does not run as expected.
  • Your computer applications start to malfunction, or you cannot use disks as your disk drive no longer functions.
  • From time to time you see error messages or you dialog boxes and menus are distorted.

Pay attention to these signs because a virus can pose a serious security risk. However, take note that these signs might not have anything to do with a computer virus and could be caused by hardware or software issues, so run computer virus removal software to be sure.

A computer virus need not be difficult to remove and if you catch the virus early enough you might not have to reformat the hard drive. More than likely you will have success removing it with good antivirus software.

Steps on Removing Computer Viruses

Virus Removal Services Remote OnlineIf you’re in a position to make basic executions on your computer (in other words, the virus is not too severe,) you can attempt to remove the virus(es) yourself. You can also try investing in online virus removal service, such as that at CallRNerds.com. Here a computer expert will access your computer remotely to help you remove the virus.

But first, try to handle it independently. Let us look at the simple steps to computer virus removal…

Step 1

Isolate your computer by disconnecting it from the Internet. Back up everything that is important to you onto an external source or burn them onto a CD if you can. Be aware that some of the files that you backup could be infected too, but you will scan them before you put them back onto your cleaned computer.

Step 2

Getting rid of viruses on computers can be difficult without computer virus removal tools, so install antivirus software and set it to do a scan of your computer. This will find the virus and either recommend a course of action, or it will remove or isolate the files for you, hopefully cleaning your computer.

Step 3

If you are seriously infected and you find that you have to reformat your hard drive and reinstall your operating system to get rid of the virus, then it is a good idea to jot down some information before you start this process. Make a note of all the programs and settings you have installed on your system so that you can quickly get your computer back to its original state once the process has completed.

Step 4

Once your computer is running clean you can scan and replace all the files you had backed up previously… do not skip this step, make sure you scan them. This is vital to fix your computer properly and restore it to its original status.

Step 5

Now that you are up and running with a clean computer try to keep it that way by following a few simple rules…

  • Make sure your settings allow for automatic updates of your operating system, the updates and patches are for your security.
  • Update your computer virus removal software… always… no exception.
  • Install and use an Internet firewall.
  • Do not open email attachments from unknown sources.
  • If your browser prevents you from visiting a site, do not be eager to learn why… save your curiosity for less risky pursuits.

When your computer is under attack, it is bad for you, your security, and bad for anyone your computer communicates with, so be aware of the dangers and arm yourself with the best computer virus removal tools to keep safe online.

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