Medical Billing Services: 3 Core Competencies of Practice Management

Practice Management is a reputable company that provides highly-specialized medical billing services for many different health and medical practices. The company has been operational since 1995 where it started with the mission of helping physicians operate more effective and efficient medical billing systems. Through these years, Practice Management has been able to successfully establish itself as one of the most professional and reliable physician billing companies.Practice Management

Practice Management’s medical billing specialists use some of the latest methods and tools which are known to be better than those that were traditionally used. It also has highly qualified members of staff who have the necessary skills. Furthermore, the services provided by this company are helpful to physicians because they are able to concentrate on other aspects of their practices.

The Value in Practice Management’s Billing Solutions

medical billing claims There are a number of benefits that physicians can leverage when they hire Practice Management. Some of the main benefits include higher revenue where the physicians are able to get more money than they would have without the billing services. Cash flow is also increased where the physicians get more cash at their disposal. Payments are also made faster since there is clarity and all the people involved understand what to pay. Overhead fees are significantly reduced especially because a physician who hires this company does not need to hire an in-house employee to do what the company does. Furthermore, patient satisfaction is improved since the patients get the feeling that the charges are fair.

FQHC Billing Services

This company does different types of physician billing with one of the most prominent type being the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) billing. In fact, FQHC billing is one of the core types of billing where the company ensures the physicians get optimum benefit from their services. The professionals from this company have the necessary skills to effectively do FQHC billing and even other related types.

To ensure clients are optimally satisfied, Practice Management deals with different types of claims including dental claims and Medicare amongst others. The company also ensures clients get top quality services through working with different EMR practice management systems, such as Allscripts and NextGen amongst others.

Surgery Billing Servicessurgery medical billing

Surgery billing is also one of the core services provided by Practice Management. The company has attentive and details oriented surgery representatives and properly trained revenue consultant team. The company provides comprehensive surgery billing services which cover different types of surgeries.

The competent surgery billing services of Practice Management completes all the procedures after which the front end scrubbers review the claims before they are submitted with an objective of ensuring no claims are rejected. In addition to implementing the most effective and relevant surgery billing strategies, the competent team of experts from this company also ensures correct CPTs, modifiers and diagnosis codes are used to ensure the final results are accurate.

Cardiology Billing Services

Another core type is the cardiology billing which helps the physicians reduce their practice overheads while at the same time increasing their cash flows. The company ensures it stays updated when it comes to cardiology billing and coding services with an objective of ensuring all the clients get the best services. Some of the procedures covered in this category include angioplasty, cardiovascular monitoring, atherectomy and nuclear studies.

Clients of Practice Management can easily access the data from this point even remotely just by using their unique IDs and passwords. Despite this all the data is kept in a secure manner where only the right people can access it. Therefore, Practice Management is a competent and reliable company that ensures physicians work more effectively through providing them with professional physician billing services.

For further information about this specialized medical billing firm, visit the address or contact the company at:

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